E-Commerce Platform

N.Peal E-Commerce

As part of the wider N. Peal re-branding initiative, we were asked to re-build the brand’s e-commerce website.

Traditionally, the website had been seen as secondary to the retail environments, but we believed that with the right user experience, sales platform and design the website could become one of the brand’s flagship performers.

We carried out workshops with key stakeholders to redefine the user experience. We then designed and built the new store on our e-commerce platform, Bureau. The result was a contemporary site that attracted a new generation, while re-enforcing the existing relationship with the core N. Peal customer.

The new site proved to be a winning business success with the figures speaking for themselves; conversion rates improved by 78%, total revenue was up by 106% year on year.

We continue to work with N. Peal to further improve growth on the new e-commerce platform.

Linked Apparel Tool Tip

The homepage features a unique slider with image zones linked to specific brand products worn by the models. According to the clients needs this was designed and implemented by building a new bespoke ‘scene selector’ in our CMS – the Bureau.

Collection Pages

Project pages specifying items for sale were designed to reflect N.Peal’s high quality of fabrics, textures and knitwear. High resolution images were used, with great zoom features for the user.

Colour Select Browser

An interesting feature of the website was designed as a seasonal colour select browser, customers are able to find garments through searching visually accessible colour swatches.

World of – Editorial Section

The ‘World of’ section of the website was designed to reflect the brand identity and positioning within the luxury market. It features the company’s story, ethics, news section and journal; designed with the idea of story telling, it allows the user to immerse into the world of N.Peal.