Work Process About

The Art Studio is a purpose built block within a London junior school. The new building has been designed to provide an inspiring space in which children can express themselves creatively.

The Brief

We were tasked to address two key objectives with the new identity for The Art Studio. Firstly, it needed to be distinct and memorable. Secondly, it had to lay the foundation for creative expression, acting as the first step in inspiring children to explore their artistic talents.

The Solution

We created a playful and bold brand identity using a set of geometric shapes as building blocks. The final system also includes a series of artworks created by the children themselves, as an exercise in joyful co-creation. Applied across various brand communications, the shapes have been used to form letters, words, drawings and patterns.


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The Art Studio

Promotional posters for The Art Studio used various geometric shapes as building blocks to form letters, words, drawings and patterns.

Kids attending the Studio made illustrations with the shapes that featured on promotional flyers with more information about The Art Studio and its work.