Work Process About

From our first conversation with New North’s founder Christopher, it was clear he brought a new approach to nitro coffee, with a zero-calorie, zero-dairy product that tasted great, wrapped in a sense of adventure.

The Brief

We worked with Christopher to shape every aspect of the brand, from positioning to naming and packaging and the whole scope of the visual identity. As big coffee drinkers ourselves, we jumped at the chance to help shape this unique, new nitro cold brew brand to be able to compete in a fast growing market.

The Solution

We immersed ourselves in the existing coffee market and emerging cold brew sector, and defined a proposition that aimed New North at those who want more out of life. The name captures the nomadic lifestyle and freedom that nitro cold brew allows, representing a new direction for coffee.

Bold, simple graphics were used as part of the packaging design to more effectively connect with design conscious millennials.

The brand iconography was rolled out across supporting materials and channels, with a bold, adventurous art direction that captures the lifestyle of the target audience for this brave new product.